A Witch in my Garden: «Bellyache Bush or Tua Tua, Weed for some, Miraculous for others!»

Hello Dear Witches…!

Walking through the garden of my aunt’s old house I found a little plant of Tua Tua, which is just beginning to give seeds, I have always seen it, because they are born from nothing so to speak, in my grandmother’s house, in the family farm and in many other houses I have come to see it, usually they cut it because they do not know the benefits of it. As a child I remember a very old lady who said that just a few leaves of this plant were enough to cure any disease that was not natural.

The Jatropha Gossypiifolia (scientific name of the Tua Tua) from Mexico, and declared harmful weed in countries such as Puerto Rico and Australia, can measure between 1 and 2 meters, with leaves similar to those of grapes, being the most tender purple color, which is its characteristic color, with seeds the size of an olive. It grows practically in any terrain, requiring almost no care other than water and sun. It has been used by many in the family to heal the infection in the tonsils, as well as for infected wounds and to lower the inflammation caused by some strong blows.

I remember my grandmother always told us that the berries of Tua Tua are poisonous, which is true. But the properties of this plant go beyond the uses that have been given at home. researching a little to develop this publication, I have been surprised with its benefits, as well as the applications for which it is used, the same with the contraindications of this.

Properties of Tua Tua

  • The leaves taken in infusion are recommended to control blood glucose levels, thanks to their anti-diabetic properties.
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  • It has emenagogic properties, which makes it recommended to drink tea from this plant for problems of menstrual suspension, as it stimulates blood flow in the pelvis and uterus.
  • It should be noted that this plant was used as an abortifacient, so if you intend to use it to stimulate menstruation, make sure that you are not pregnant
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  • It is recommended to clean the infected tonsils with an infusion of their leaves and helped with a gauze, the same applies to infected wounds, and burns, in fact this plant is known as the burning plant, because it helps in the recovery of this type of wounds.
  • It is diuretic and anti-inflammatory, so it is recommended in inflammation processes as well as taking its infusion to lose weight.
  • It is recommended to take the infusion of leaves and bark to control blood infections, and it is even recommended for the treatment of some STDs.
  • The latex that sprouts when cutting the leaves and stems of this plant is ideal for the treatment of wounds and their healing, and can even help stop slight bleeding.
  • Applying drops of the infusion of its leaves, in the nostrils helps to decongest them.
  • The infusion of its leaves collaborates in the treatment and healing of gastric ulcers.
  • Gargle made with this infusion, is recommended for the treatment of bad breath

After investigating a little more thoroughly the properties and benefits of this plant, I think that after all that old woman I remember was very right, I think for her is perfectly the saying that says «But the devil knows for old, that for devil», our beloved grandparents, They carry with them valuable information that has been passed from generation to generation and that after all although in the past they did not have the technology that we can count on today, they managed to live much more than 100 years, I believe that their secrets were of much use.

General Plant Aspects

  • Common Name:Tua Tua, Frailecito, Frailecillo, Planta del Quemado, Bellyache Bush.
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  • Scientific Name: Jatropha Gossypiifolia
  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Family:Euphorbiaceae
  • Generus:Jatropha


  • Consumption should be avoided in pregnant women, as it is considered abortive.
  • The consumption of its seeds should be avoided in children and mummies.
  • The consumption of its seeds should be avoided in children and small mammals, it contains cursin, a phytotoxin that can cause poisoning in these.

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